About SBJ!

SBJ is all about the celebration of the body and having fun. We love providing jewelry that accomplishes both. We strive to produce high-quality pieces that are unique and inspiring. Aiming to be better, we are constantly sourcing better quality materials and enhancing our processes to deliver the best experience.

SBJ is about more than jewelry. On my journey to self-love, body jewelry helped me get comfortable in my own skin. While preparing for a vacation to Jamaica, I felt insecure about my looks and weight. Feeling determined to wear my swimsuits anyway, I picked up a few body chains. From the moment I put them on and instantly felt sexy and cool. In fact, the jewelry became my sparkly armor. From that moment, whenever I wanted to feel good and stand out, these statement pieces became my "must-have." The love of my "must-have" inspired me to create my own pieces and share them with friends, which turned into me launching SexyBodyJewelry.com.

We hope you enjoy finding jewelry for whatever occasion that inspires you to Embrace your body, Own the Moment, and Own the Room.

Kimberly Smoot

  Kimberly Smoot

to reach Kimberly, please out sparkle@sexybodyjewelry.com